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We help tech startups go from idea to their first round of funding using our proven Recipe.

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Lars and Helen went from idea to their first round of funding in 5 months and raised £250K for Ailuna

Logan went from idea to his first round of funding in 8 months and raised £180K for Topia

Tom and Chris went from idea to their first round of funding in 9 months and raised £200K for SailTies.

Who we help

Startup Founders

Are you a bit lost? We wrote a book and run a community to help early-stage startup founders who are struggling to get their startup idea off the ground.

Accelerators and Venture Builders

Are you on a mission to support new startups or build your startup ecosystem? We power accelerators and incubators around the world with a powerful set of venture building tools, frameworks and coaching.


Do you have a product concept you want to bring to market? We work 1:1 with corporate venture teams to take their concept from idea to traction so that they can unlock the next round of funding.

We're JP and Darren from Who's Fabio

We've spent the last 10+ years helping clients bring tech startup ideas to market across many different industries.

We work with founders, venture capital investors, corporates, and venture building funds around the world.

We’ve distilled everything we've learned into a Recipe to help you go from idea to your first round of funding – fast.

What is the Recipe?

The Recipe is the fastest way we know to take a tech startup idea from idea to a $1m+ valuation, without wasting months or even years lost in the startup desert.

Yes, some people can raise money with a compelling story and a track record of previous exits. But most of us need to work a little harder to convince investors to say “yes”.

So what does it take to raise your first round of funding?

Investors ask themselves:


Am I excited about this team and what they can do?


Am I excited about their vision and the market opportunity – can I 10x my investment here?


Do they have traction?

The Recipe

A waiting list

A list of people who have signed up as early adopters

A master plan

A strategy to create exceptional equity value

A live pilot

A working no-code or low-code product with active users (not just a prototype)

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Traction First is the result of more than a decade building, launching and raising money for tech startups. We show you how to implement the Recipe in five easy steps, with case studies and examples from many of our clients and famous startups you’ll know. Get investors to say “yes” – so you can build a product people love, hire an awesome team, and make an impact.

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Join the community

The community is for founders who are serious about getting clarity, confidence and traction with their tech startup. Work directly with us using our full suite of tools to accelerate your journey to a $1m+ valuation.

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Power your Accelerator or Incubator

Give your founders more than a pitch competition. We whitelabel our community to give the startup founders in your ecosystem the tools and mentorship they need to knock it out of the park on Demo Day.

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Bring your product concept to life

We work 1:1 with private corporate clients to bring new products and services to market with real traction – not just plans. We have worked in transport, logistics, fintech, sustainability, entertainment, construction and more.

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More testimonials

“No one has been able to distill our customer's problem so succinctly and in so little time before. JP and Darren were able to significantly reduce our execution risk with a compelling product to deliver on our strategy.”

–Mutaz Qubbaj, CEO, Squirrel

"We had always struggled to build a product that engaged and retained users. The end result was a solid product strategy that the entire company has embraced.”

– Ben, Founder and CEO, CoGo

"The biggest benefit was the structured approach… We used their recipes as the core of what we did... They were what I needed.”

– Callum, CEO and Founder, Whyness

"We would not be here with the app in our hands, with already paying members and a clear path to investment – and a real business – if it wasn’t for Darren and JP.”

– Skye, Co-Founder, MySimpleHQ

Who is Who’s Fabio?

JP Luchetti aka PASSION

JP has worked on hundreds of new products for startups, venture builders, VCs, SMEs and FTSE 100 businesses, including Invesco, Intelliflo, Hermes, National Express, Sony, HBO, ESPN, Coca-Cola, GE and many more. He is a Venture Partner at Mr. Pink - A LATAM-based early-stage VC, and Venture Design Lead at Rokk3r, a Miami-based venture builder. JP was previously a Board Director at Mubaloo – a leading mobile app development agency in Europe, and a founder at IPH – a mobile app development agency in Argentina with offices in Miami and Mexico. Also, 9% of startups fail because they lack Passion. True story.

Darren Ball aka REASON

Darren has worked on dozens of new propositions for startups, venture builders, SMEs and FTSE 100 businesses, including Sura Mexico, Maersk, Go Ahead Group, HSF, Hanson UK, ABRSM and many more. He was the Chief Product Officer at CoGo and Yolion – two FinTech startups in the UK. Previously, he was a consultant at Mubaloo – a leading mobile app development agency in Europe, and at Accenture. In addition to Who’s Fabio he also plays a Product and Venture Strategy role at Rokk3r.