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Logan, Founder, Topia

Logan went from idea to a £1M valuation, together with an MVP and a thriving superuser community. He successfully raised a seed round of £150K, and is working towards a crowdfunding round.

10/10 - unreal stuff. Your speed, execution and process were highly impressive.. your results even better. – Logan

Ben, Founder and CEO, CoGo

We helped Ben dramatically increase 30-day user retention (from 4% to 20%+), successfully raise three rounds of funding (NZD2m+) and secure a partnership with NatWest Bank in the UK.

"We had always struggled to build a product that engaged and retained users. The end result was a solid product strategy that the entire company has embraced.” – Ben

Mutaz Qubbaj, CEO, Squirrel

We helped Mutaz redesign his product from the ground up using Open Banking and Game Thinking to build a commercially viable startup business with a product users loved.

No one has been able to distill our customer's problem so succinctly and in so little time before. JP and Darren were able to significantly reduce our execution risk with a compelling product to deliver on our strategy.Mutaz

Tony Payne, Founder, RecruitTech Startup

Tony was able to simplify his value proposition, build a waiting list and scope his MVP so that he had the confidence to commit to the business.

…from six main features down to two killer features that everyone wants; and a completely new outlook on how to bring the solution effectively to market.” – Tony

Lars Ronning, Founder, Ailuna

Lars was able to raise £250K. Ailuna is now out of closed Beta and live in market!

German Montoya, Founder and CEO, WAO.shop

German was able to raise $2M and successfully pilot his product in Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina. He is now going for another round of funding to scale his operations.

David, Founder, Legal Tech Startup

"We were working on our businesses in real time and with real customers. Everything had real, tangible benefits that moved the company forward. One great example was the method of iterating on the product, which probably moved the company forward 12 months in about 3 hours."

Luc Gibson, Founder, TRACX

"A clear understanding of our target customer, a better understanding of the product we should be building, and new feature ideas that would be beneficial to our customer… It’s well worth undertaking this course before you spend any time or money on your product."

Jo & James, Founders, GiKi

"Pre launch, Darren and JP did a series of Jobs To Be Done work with us which was hugely important in galvanising our proposition. We have since done further Jobs To Be Done work under their expert guidance, which is now feeding into our next crucial stage of development. Darren and JP are thorough, inspiring and have a touch of genius, which helps us approach things differently and better.​"

Declan, CEO, ZPD Consulting

"While I thought my initial ideas were already well developed, the process Darren and JP worked through led to a much better product design and a segmented offering beyond and far better than my original ideas. Although initially sceptical about the value of such an approach, it worked. If you want your product to be a success, try it and them."

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