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Build Ready Bootcamp

Take a giant leap forward with your startup idea. Months of progress - in just 1 week. 

"If you want the fastest way to validate a problem, design a value proposition, validate with users and design your business model, burning as little runway as possible, then use this method.

Stephen Lewin, Founder – GetMyEquipment

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First-time Founder? Stop going around in circles and wasting time

Follow a straightforward, structured method to rapidly define and test your value proposition with your target audience


Rapid progress

Distill your problem and iterate your solution in a systematic way without building anything


Quality Feedback

Rapidly attract prospects for interviews and make actionable feedback effortless



Validate whether your idea solves a real problem for your target audience



Nail down your MVP with a set of features people want and are willing to pay for

"We were working on our businesses in real time and with real customers. Everything had real, tangible benefits that moved the company forward. One great example was the method of iterating on the product, which probably moved the company forward 12 months in about 3 hours."

David Mark
Founder, Legal Tech Startup

Building products is easy - building a viable business isn't

Apply the framework we use to define the DNA of every startup and transform your idea into a brilliant business


Who is your customer? Who isn't your customer? How do they struggle? Etc.


How do your solve your customer's problem? How will you keep them engaged? Etc.


How will you acquire your customer? How much will it cost you?  Etc.


Who are you going to charge, for what, and how much are you going to charge them? Etc.

"I did not realise how tangible the programme would be… Each day was suitably challenging to make it feel valuable and ultimately coming out of it 100% more confident than going in

In one week you will move your company forward more than anything else you can do. By the end of the week you will have nailed how to execute your business strategy, and have the confidence to make it happen

I now have a carefully vetted and oversubscribed beta community who are eager to be involved with the development of the solution; real customer data, that was elicited in a professional way that has helped me focus from six main features down to two killer features that everyone wants; and a completely new outlook on how to bring the solution effectively to market."

Tony Payne
Founder, RecruitmentTech Startup

What to expect

What will you get as part of the 5-day Build Ready Bootcamp?

🀳🏻 5 days of flexible, expert-led training

We know... you're busy. We combine self-paced video modules (40 minutes max) with live Q&A sessions via Zoom and direct feedback.

πŸ•ΊπŸ» A little more action

Every module includes 'Go and do it for real' exercises, with templates, scripts and examples to help you make it happen. Come on, come on!

πŸ’ͺ 1:1 coaching and feedback session

Book a 45-minute 1-1 feedback session at the end of the week to clarify the next steps that will help you to build a successful business.

Get clarity about next steps that will help you to build a successful business. Just follow the method and prove you have what it takes to succeed as a startup founder – because you do!

Meet your coaches

It takes Reason and Passion

Rediscover your focus and get ahead in 1 week. 

Darren Ball, aka Reason

Darren has been helping founders and early-stage startups since 2013, most recently as Chief Product Officer for CoGo, a sustainability startup that is now a leader in their space. Previously, at Mubaloo and Accenture he worked on dozens of new products for startups, SMEs and FTSE 100 businesses, and worked together with JP to build Mubaloo’s mobile product consultancy from scratch.

JP Luchetti, aka Passion

JP was previously a Board Director at Mubaloo, and a founder at IPH – a mobile development agency in Argentina with offices in Miami and Mexico. He has worked on hundreds of new products for startups, SMEs and FTSE 100 businesses, like Maersk, Hermes, National Express, HBO, ESPN, Coca-Cola and GE. He is also more fashionable than Darren, which is why his photo is in black and white. 

You don't have to go it alone!

Meet other Founders in the same boat as you. Push each other to make progress, get out and validate your ideas, and help one another succeed.

"We received a very simple and structured method to rapidly attract users for interviews, define the value proposition to meet specific user problems and test and validate that with users, all in one week

Some companies would only do this after launching their MVP, and having several product updates costing thousands. I genuinely feel that if I had started with this method 6 months ago, I would most likely be at least 3 months further ahead than where I am now….

If you want the fastest way to validate a problem, design a value proposition, validate with users and design your business model, burning as little runway as possible, then use this method."

Stephen Lewin
Co-Founder, GetMyEquipment

"A clear understanding of our target customer, a better understanding of the product we should be building, and new ideas of features that would be beneficial to our customer… It’s well worth undertaking this course before you spend any time or money on your product."

Luc Gibson
Founder, TRACX

"No one has been able to distil our customer's problem so succinctly and in so little time before. The team was able to significantly reduce our execution risk with a compelling product to deliver on our strategy."

Mutaz Qubbaj
Founder, Squirrel Financial

Start the Bootcamp (Β£199)
Start the Bootcamp (Β£199)

100% money back guarantee. 

If you don’t feel like you got value, tell us and we’ll give you your money back no questions asked. We don’t think it’ll happen but we want you to know that we don’t want your money if you don’t think that the bootcamp was awesome.